So one day we were talking, as friends do, and we suddenly had an epiphany. You know what is missing from the beautiful land of Czechia? A BREWERY! Crazy, right? This country has the best beer in the world if you believe the rumors. And you should. Pilsner was created here, after all. And the famous lager, so clear that you could look through it and still read a newspaper, was perfected here, to be the best beer you can serve in a high-quality glass made of the precious Bohemian crystal. Through and through a product of the generous Czech land and inventiveness.

But times change, and in recent years beer seems to change too. Not in Czechia, because nothing is wrong with Czech beer. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, they say. And they’re right. We don’t want to fix the Czech lager. But we see all these other breweries in America and the rest of Europe (and, increasingly, in the whole world), experimenting, tweaking all sorts of things in the brewing process, adding new ingredients, enriching the global brewing tradition of which the Czechs are a proud part of. Reinterpreting centuries-old beer styles, inventing new ones, creating hybrids and breaking one boundary after the other, in a truly inspirational explosion of creativity. And we can’t help but feel that this country is missing out. Instead of leading this (r)evolution, we have stood back and watched. Well, our Axiom is that inertia is the enemy of progress, and we don’t want to stand inert anymore.

We have a clear vision, and with that vision in mind, we recruited the best people we could get, the ones most suitable for the job at hand; creating world-class craft beer, made in Czechia, and exported all over Europe and the world, sending a clear message: We are not bystanders anymore!

Our brewery is located in beautiful Prostejov, just outside Brno, in the heart of central Europe between Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Krakow. Literally next door we have MBS, the brewery equipment factory that built our brewhouse, our tanks, and everything else we needed, equipment-wise.

Long story short: Brace yourselves. Our beer is coming.

July 17th, 2019 | News
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